Vision Therapy and Learning-Related Vision Problems

Boy with Vision Therapy and Learning-Related Vision Problems.

Vision Therapy and Learning-Related Vision Problems

Your child's performance in school is closely tied to her eyesight. Experts estimate that up to 80 percent of what kids learn in school is acquired through visual learning. Children don't have a lot of life experience, so they don't know when their poor vision is affecting their grades. The inability to read or see the front of the class can cause a child's grades and behavior to drop quickly, with the child not being able to tell what the problem is. If your child's school performance is deteriorating, it could be because of a vision problem. While some children simply need eyeglasses to correct their vision, others have more complicated issues and will benefit from a program of vision therapy.

Why Use Vision Therapy?

Some children have eyes that don't work well physically. They're misaligned, crossed, won't track, or won't work together. In most cases, vision therapy can train the eyes to work the way they're supposed to. Think of it as physical therapy for eyes. Your child will do a series of exercises designed to train the eyes and the brain to work together as a team. The goal is to help the eyes to communicate with the brain, helping it to process what the eyes see.

How Do Vision Therapy Sessions Work?

Each vision therapy program is individually designed by our optometrist, Dr. Tim Moore. Generally, each set of exercises will be done while being supervised by the doctor or another member of our eye care team. The exercises are designed to train the eyes and brain to work together as a team. Most sessions last half an hour to an hour, and we'll see your child once or twice a week. We'll continue the sessions until we see a marked improvement, usually for about 12 weeks.

Is Your Child Having Learning-Related Vision Problems?

If you’re ready to set up an appointment to see if your child would benefit from vision therapy, please call Dr. Tim Moore at (775) 318-8118. He has teamed up with The See Center in Carson City, Nevada, and would love to help your child reach greater success today. Call anytime and let us know how we can help your child improve their eyesight and their life!

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