Childhood Eye Diseases

Childhood Eye Diseases and Conditions

Vision problems are often tied to trouble with school work that most parents are aware of the importance of regular eye examinations for their children. But at Epic Vision Development, we know that eye exams are for more than checking your child's visual acuity. We see patients with a wide variety of eye diseases and conditions, all of which can be treated easier when caught earlier. Early diagnosis is key to keeping your child's eyes healthy, and we make a point of thoroughly examining your child's eyes every time they come into our office.

Kind struggling with school work due to eye conditions.

Eyesight Problems in Children and their Symptoms

A thorough eye examination begins with checking your child's visual acuity to make sure she can see to read and view the front of the class. But that's only the beginning. It's rare for kids to complain about distorted vision, so we spend extra time looking for eyesight problems in children and symptoms they may not notice they're experiencing. Some of the more common ones we see are:

  • Ptosis - A drooping upper eyelid that covers part or all of the eye
  • Amblyopia - One single eye that hasn't developed yet, causing poor vision. Also called lazy eye, amblyopia occurs in 2-3 percent of all people
  • Conjunctivitis - Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is caused by a wide variety of factors. While some types clear up on their own, some need to be treated with medication, making it important that you have your child examined it you see the common symptom of alarmingly red eyes. One of the most common eye problems in toddlers, the most common version of conjunctivitis is easily passed around preschools and play groups.
  • Stye - A red lump near the edge of the eyelid, caused by an infected eyelash
  • Blocked tear duct - This happens when the eye's drainage system has been clogged up, preventing tears from draining out of the eyes. This results in the tears overflowing, causing a constant tearing or crying effect. This is one of the more common eye problems in infants, as babies can be born with this, but it usually clears up in the first year of life.
  • Preseptal or Orbital Cellulitis - This is an infection related to eyelid trauma or some other kind of related infection. The eye looks red and swollen, sometimes to the point of being swollen shut. This is another serious disease that should be seen by our optometrist immediately.

Some of these diseases and conditions will show symptoms that indicate you should bring your child into our office, but our doctor can diagnose all of them by examining the interior of your child's eyes.

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