Head Injuries & Vision Problems

Head Injuries and Vision Problems

Injuries to your head from an accident or a sport impact your vision and eye health. Head injuries and vision problems often occur at the same time due to the trauma the brain experiences. At Epic Vision Development, we understand the risks to your vision from post-traumatic vision syndrome and we offer treatments to start the healing process.

Man with Head Injuries and Vision Problems.

Common Vision Problems from a Head Injury

The common problems that may develop after a head injury depends on the type of injury and the situation. Facing head injury blurred vision is a common situation because the injury to your brain interferes with your ability to see objects clearly.

While blurred vision is the most common result of a traumatic brain injury, you may also notice other symptoms. The common vision problems you may notice include:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Limited field of vision or a loss of your overall field of vision
  • Double vision
  • Headaches from focusing on objects
  • Difficulty focusing your vision
  • Problems with eye movements
  • Double vision
  • Difficulty concentrating

The severity of your problems depends on the injury to your head and the location of the injury. Post traumatic vision syndrome may cause a variety of changes or problems with your vision.

Treatments Available for Vision Problems

The changes to your vision from a brain injury may require rehabilitative therapy for your eyes, which is also called neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy, or other treatments. We may suggest vision therapy as a solution to address specific problems with your eyes. We also use corrective lenses or phototherapy programs to address problems associated with a traumatic brain injury. Our recommendations for a treatment program depend on your symptoms, so we may recommend a variety of different treatments.

We focus on the underlying problems and the specific visual changes you develop after an injury. Since your injuries may impact your eyes in different ways, we develop a personalized treatment plan to encourage your eyes to heal and recover.

When to Seek Treatment

When you notice changes to your vision from a traumatic brain injury, you want to seek treatment from a professional. Do not wait for the symptoms to worsen or assume that the problems will fade as your injury heals.

In many cases, you need professional treatment to address visual changes that occur after a head injury. By seeking treatment at an early stage of healing, you address the underlying problems before it worsens or you have limited treatments available for the situation. We focus on treatments that work with your needs and situation, so we may suggest different options based on your specific injuries, the location of the injury and the way your injuries impact your vision.

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When you have a head injury and it results in a vision problem, you want to seek treatment to address the underlying problems. At our clinic, we assist with your goals by identifying the problems and developing a personalized treatment plan. For more information about treatments, call (775) 507-7171 today.

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