Oculomotor Dysfunction

Oculomotor Dysfunction

Oculomotor dysfunction means that there is a lack of control in the movement of the eye. This can create a problem with writing, working on craft projects, reading, playing sports, and any number of other activities. Oculomotor dysfunction is fairly common, and at Epic Vision Development we see patients of all ages with this problem. It's not a condition that someone grows out of, but rather one that you need to develop methods for compensating for the problem.

Woman getting tested for Oculomotor Dysfunction.

Different Types of Oculomotor Dysfunction

This condition has different facets, and patients may have one or more symptoms. The three different types of dysfunction are:

  • The inability for eyes to track a moving object
  • The inability for eyes to rapidly move from one object to another
  • The inability to keep the eyes steadily staring at an object without moving away

Effects on Everyday Life

This condition can affect all facets of everyday life, for both children and adults. Some of the many symptoms we see in patients are:

  • Moving the head, instead of the eyes, when reading
  • Problems following a moving target such as a ball
  • Inconsistent school work that varies from day to day
  • Losing a place or repeating words while reading out loud
  • Reading comprehension, or problems remembering what has already been read
  • Poor or inconsistent depth perception
  • Spatial disorientation or motion sickness
  • Problems understanding what has just been read
  • Difficulty copying words or numbers from a whiteboard to paper
  • Clumsiness or difficulties playing sports
  • Needing more time for visual tasks than others in the peer group

Treatment for Oculomotor Dysfunction

Learning to compensate for this condition is an individualized problem, one which our optometrist will determine after testing and consultation. In most cases, the vision therapy sessions will be one-on-one with the doctor. The length of the treatment depends on the severity of the problem, as well as how complex it is. For patients with the simplest kind of challenges, we'll begin with a treatment program that includes about 12 hours of therapy in our office. More complicated problems will call for additional hours of therapy before we see the results we want.

Do You Suspect Oculomotor Dysfunction for You or Your Child?

If you’re ready to set up an appointment to see if your child would benefit from vision therapy, please call Dr. Tim Moore at (775) 507-7171. He has teamed up with The See Center in Carson City, Nevada, and would love to help your child reach greater success today. Call anytime and let us know how we can help your child improve their eyesight and their life!

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