Vision Therapy for Eye Tracking Problems

Eye tracking problems can affect both children and adults, although it is in children that the problem is most often discovered. Usually, the problem is identified after a child begins reading – but struggles more than others with the process. The child may skip words, have difficulty keeping a place in text or get tired quickly whenever reading. When these symptoms are present, it may be an indicator of an eye tracking problem. Fortunately, at Epic Vision Development we offer effective vision therapy for eye tracking problems. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help with your child’s vision.

vision therapy for eye tracking problems from your reno optometrist

What is a Visual Tracking Disorder?

Bad eyesight in children can be caused by a number of conditions, but when we notice that children are struggling with following text we often find that we are dealing with a visual tracking disorder. The eyes must be capable of tracking text on the page or display to process the information being delivered. If the child’s eyes are incapable of tracking correctly, then it is inevitable that reading comprehension will suffer.

When parents notice that their child is having a difficulty with reading, they naturally worry if there is something responsible. Many worry about dyslexia, ADD or some other learning disability. It can come as some relief when the cause is discovered to be a visual tracking disorder. Through vision therapy, we can do a great deal to help correct the tracking issues suffered by our young patients, helping them to go on and enjoy a full life with minimal disruption from eye tracking issues.

Signs and Symptoms of an Eye-Tracking Problem

Eye tracking problems can vary in function and intensity. There are some common symptoms that children display, however – symptoms you can be on the lookout for. They include:

• Rubbing of eyes

• Squinting

• Needing a pointer, such as a finger, to read

• Headaches

• Becoming quickly frustrated with reading

• Struggling to keep track of words and sentences

• Increasing difficulty with reading as assignments grow longer

How Vision Therapy Can Help

At Epic Vision Development, Dr. Timothy Moore offers vision therapy treatments that can help to improve bad eyesight in children. The vision therapy exercises used by Dr. Moore work to train not only your child’s eye muscles and physical structures, but the brain function that underlies the entire visual system. By retraining, not only the body, but the mind, Dr. Moore can help your child enjoy reading again, and ensure that he or she has the best opportunity to learn and grow over a lifetime.

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In addition to offering vision therapy treatment at our treatment center here in Reno, Dr. Tim Moore has also partnered with another practice in Carson City. So you can get your Visual Therapy Consultation both here, at Epic Vision Development in Reno, and at The SEE Center in Carson City, NV.

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